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FRC is a non profit organization that is cooperating with some of the greatest technological companies around the world to inspire a student's creative mind. This mainly involves building the most impressive robot you have ever seen to accomplish certain objectives.

Posts and Updates

Welcome to KennedyCACHE.

KennedyCACHE is ready for 

the 2017 season! We are looking forward to:

Inspired , driven, we are CACHE.


KennedyCACHE is a team filled with hardworking, enthusiastic students, and mentors. It is our determination and goal to make it a fun and exciting year. Our team members are committed, taking their own time every day after school to contribute their works and ideas to the team. The team has four main groups: mechanical, electrical, programming, and the public relations. Each division is important for our function as a team. We take each part of the competition very seriously, and we strive for improvement every day of the season. KennedyCACHE is a quick learning team, and has already familiarized themselves to the competition in a matter of months. We cannot thank enough the generous sponsors that have helped us kickstart KennedyCACHE and allowed them to reach their goals. 



About FIRST and the Competition


F- or 

I - nspiration and

R - ecognition of

S - cience and

T - echnology



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